Glogal Navigation Satelitte Systems

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Spectra Precision SP60 L1 GPS Single Receiver Kit

The Spectra Precision SP60 is a new generation GNSS receiver offering a high level of flexibility to cover any survey demand from simple post-processing, through UHF or Long Range Bluetooth base and rover systems to sophisticated RTK and RTX rover solutions. Combining the unique all-signals-tracking and processing Z-Blade GNSS-centric technology and L-band capability for satellite-delivered RTX services, the SP60 GNSS receiver provides the most reliable measurements and the highest possible accuracy under any conditions and in any place in the world.
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Spectra SP80 Single GNSS Reciever Kit

Loaded! Spectra Precision SP80 GNSS receiver

Spectra SP80 Single GNSS Reciever Kit with 430MHz-470MHz UHF Radio

Spectra SP80 GNSS Receiver Includes the a 2 Watt UHF Radio