Nikon AS-2 Auto-Level (34x), water-proof

Depend on Nikon's AS-2/AE-7 Series Automatic Levels for top-notch performance wherever you work. From humid tunnels to the most unforgiving terrain and inclement weather, the AS-2/AE-7 series assists you in accurate surveying.
Fabricante: Nikon
Número de pieza del fabricante: NIKON-AS-2
Precio antiguo: $1,590.00
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Accuracy:± 0.8 mm (1km double run leveling)
 ± 0.4 mm with plane parallel micrometer
Compensator:Wire hung, air damper
Others:AS-2C also equipped with horizontal circle
 Waterproof airtight telescope
 Optional high and lower power eyepieces
 Optional plane parallel micrometer