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Spectra Geospatial FOCUS 50 and FOCUS 35 Battery

This Li-Ion Instrument Battery is meant for Spectra Precision FOCUS 30/35/35/RX Trimble S-Series Robotic Total Stations and the NEW FOCUS 50

AllegroCx Battery BTH11

3.6v 4Ah NiMH
$69.00 $62.10

BDC39A NiCd Battery for LP 30 & 31 740139

Original BDC39 replacement battery for Sokkia and AGL lasers.
$206.00 $189.99

Li-Ion Battery for Nivo C, Nivo M/M+ and NPL-322/322+ Series Total Stations 67201-01-SPN

Li-Ion Battery for Nikon Nivo NPL-32 and Spectra Focus 6 & 8
$135.00 $121.50

Motorola PX-66 Battery for 2-Way Radio

Motorola Radius P10, P50 NiCad battery replacement
$49.95 $44.95

Spectra Ranger 3 Rechargable Battery 67501-01

Includes door. Original OEM.
$125.00 $112.50

Spectra Recon International Charger 67101-02-SPN

International AC Charger for Spectra Recon
$50.00 $45.00

Nikon BC-60 Ni-MH Battery

Nikon BC-60 clip-on battery For DTM-400/300/310 series Total Stations (for use with Q-70U/E chargers)
$440.00 $408.57

Nikon BC-70 Ni-MH Handle Battery for DTM-800

Nikon BC-70 Ni-MH Handle Battery for DTM-800 series Total Stations.
$575.00 $533.92

Nikon BC-80 Handle Ni-MH Battery for DTM-500 series

Nikon BC-80 Handle Ni-MH Battery for DTM-500 and DTM-801 series
$725.00 $673.21

Sokkia BDC18

BDC18 Battery, rechg 6V, NiCd
$220.00 $165.79

Sokkia BDC25

BDC25A 6V NiCd Battery
$190.00 $180.00

Sokkia BDC35

BDC35 NiMH DC6V Rechargable Battery
$190.00 $180.00

Sokkia BDC45

BDC45 Battery for SETx110M, x110MC, x230RM, x230RMC Total Stations
$310.00 $299.00

Sokkia BDC70 Detachable Li-ion Battery (7.2V , 5.2 A) - 221007000

This battery is for GNSS Integrated Receivers and Total Stations the devices are listed down below.

Sokkia BDC46 Detachable Li-Ion Battery -60901-SURSK

Sokkia replacement battery (BDC46A 7.4V Li-Ion 2200mah) for Sokkia total stations. It has integrated power management circuits that provide protection against over powered charging as well as under powered charging, maximizing the efficiency of the battery life.

Mobile Mapper 50 Battery

This battery is for the Mobile Mapper 50 by Spectra Geospatial.
$75.00 $98.00

Spectra Precision Lithium-Ion Battery For SP80/SP60 GNSS Receiver

This Spectra replacement battery is for use with the SP80/SP60 GNSS Receivers with a capacity of 2600 mAh at 2.8Ah, 7.4V, 19.2 Wh. The battery itself can last up to 10 hours on a full charge using the Spectra Dual Slot Battery Charger.