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Conevtional, Prismless & Robotic Total stations

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Nikon Diagonal Eyepiece Prism (erect image)

Accessories for Total Stations (All Models), Theodolites, auotmatic Levels

Nikon Low Power Eyepiece Lens for Nivo C, Nivo M, and DTM-322

$290.00 $268.00

Nikon Plastic Instrument Case for DTM-500/501/502/602/801 Series

$539.00 $495.00

Spectra Precision FOCUS 6 Total Station

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Spectra Precision Focus 8 Total Station

The Spectra Precision FOCUS 8 Total Station offers the power of Windows CE operating system and world class Spectra Precision Survey Pro field software
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Refurbished-FOCUS 35 Robotic 2" w/ universal charger

Factory Refurbished Spectra Precision FOCUS 35 Robotic 2" w/ universal charger.
$19,995.00 $17,995.50

Refurbished-FOCUS 35 Robotic 3" w/ universal charger

Factory Refurbished Spectra Precision FOCUS 35 Robotic 3" w/ universal charger.
$18,995.00 $17,095.50

Stonex R15 Total Station - B20-220059

Stonex R15 Total Station, precise distance and angles managements (2" accuracy) concentrated in 5 KG of pure technology. The perfect tool whenever the topographic work require a light and fast machine, all day working thanks to the 24 hours of continuous operating time. The onboard field programs, included as a standard, make R15 suitable for any construction site, cadastral, mapping, and staking out. No limitation for distance, as the R15 is capable of measuring distances up to 5000m.
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Sokkia iM-55/PSBL, w/S-Disp, BT, LP, US-1023563-01

The iM-50 Series is the perfect entry-level site layout and survey tool offering reliability and flexibility without sacrificing cost or functionality. The sleek design is built tough, with a water and dustproof IP66 rating, integrated Bluetooth® capability and an internal antenna, enabling you to deliver measurements cable-free to your data controller, streamlining your equipment weight and workflow. The iM-50 is also armed with a top line EDM, generous internal memory storage, and SDRbasic on-board software so you have everything you need to get the job done out in the field.

Sokkia Robotic Total Station SX-105T - 213057122

Incorporating cutting-edge laser and image processing technologies, the SX provides superior prism tracking capability. This professional-grade robotic station brings world class performance to any job site. Even with intensive reflections from behind a prism, or with repetitive interruptions in the line of sight, the SX tightly tracks a moving prism. Av
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Focus 35 Robotic 1" w/ Universal Charger

The FOCUS 35 is a motorized total station providing high speed, accurate and precise measurements. The Focus 35 robotic instrument moces the power of the observer from the instrument to the range pole improving efficiency. The speed of observation and precise positioning of the Focus 35 Robotic Total Station is provided by patented StepDrive™ motion technology, which controls the horizontal and vertical motion of the motors, eliminating the need for traditional motion locks. The FOCUS 35 includes a tracking sensor that uses LockNGo™ FastTrack tracking technology, enabling the instrument to constantly lock onto the prism. The FOCUS 35 RX extended operation models feature market-leading battery life. The FOCUS 35 is available in 1”, 2”, 3” or 5” accuracies and is controlled by the Spectra Geospatial Survey Pro™ field software using an onboard Windows CE touchscreen interface. The FOCUS 35 is also designed to be controlled externally by Ranger™, Nomad™, or T41® data collectors running Survey Pro field software, Layout Pro or FAST Survey on the Ranger or Nomad. Alternatively, bring your own controller and connect to the FOCUS 35 using Bluetooth or the SPDL Radio Bridge.

Spectra Geospatial FOCUS 50 and Focus 35 Dual Slot Charger Kit 115148-00-SPN

The Dual Slot Battery Charger kit can be used to charge Spectra SP80/SP60 GNSS Receiver batteries as well as the batteries for the FOCUS 50 and FOCUS 35. It has two battery slots allowing it to accommodate two batteries at a time. Each slot has two LED indicators, red and green, to display the battery status. It also comes with two battery spacers/inserts.

73840019-SPN, 6 pin Hirose to USB programming cable

73840019-SPN, 6 pin Hirose to USB programming & Data cable for Spectra FOCUS 50 Robot