Spectra Geospatial FOCUS 50 (Autolock Base Hardware)

The Autolock Model uses a cabled connection to communicate with data collectors. This is perfect for someone who prefers to always be behind the instrument, for example if you always work in a two-person crew. The long-anticipated wait is over, a new era of surveying has begun with the FOCUS 50 leading the way to the future alongside Spectra Geospatial's new Origin Software. The Spectra Geospatial FOCUS 50 is a robotic total station you can customize to fit your needs. Available in three models, with your choice of accuracy, the FOCUS 50 features the smoothness of MagDrive™, the stability of SurePoint™, and it is compatible with the latest Spectra Geospatial Origin software. The incredibly versatile instrument can be used with the Ranger 5, the Ranger 7, or a tablet. Easy-to-use, affordable and tough, the FOCUS 50 delivers high performance and versatility to tackle a variety of challenging and everyday surveying tasks.
Manufacturer: Spectra Precision
Availability: Out of Stock - on backorder and will be dispatched once in stock.
Manufacturer part number: FOCUS50-HW-A
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Focus 50 For Every Way You Work click for data sheet


Angle Accuracy Configurations and their add-on prices:

1" - $8,000.00

2" - $6,000.00

3" - $4,000.00

5" - $2,500.00

• Quick and precise measurements
• FOCUS 50 and Origin software are designed together to be easy to learn
• Silent MagDrive technology
• Available in 3 models: Autolock, Short Range Robotic, and Long Range Robotic
• Each model is available in 1“, 2“, 3“, or 5“ angle accuracies
• Tracklight on all models • PIN code security feature
• Supported by Global Spectra Geospatial Service
• 2 year recommended preventive maintenance interval


The total station horizontal and vertical angle movements are controlled electromagnetically through patented MagDrive technology. This drive system moves silently while it precisely and reliably turnsto, and repeats angle measurements. Manual aiming is intuitive with this MagDrive system, including endless fine adjustment.


No matter how diligent you are about tripod quality, your setup, and what surface you set up on, sometimes the tripod moves a little while you are working -- SurePoint technology eliminates the angular measurement errors associated with this, in real time. The FOCUS 50 total station uses the compensator information to constantly correct for any pointing error and trunnion axis error. With SurePoint, your horizontal and vertical angles will always be correct.


Move around your jobsite effortlessly while Autolock technology automatically tracks and locks onto prisms. This reduces errors related to manual aiming, and also reduces down time by not having to re-point the instrument for every observation. Additionally, Autolock is compatible with most passive prisms, so you don‘t need to buy new accessories to take advantage of this capability.

Consisting of: 

  • (1) FOCUS 50 Main Unit (Autolock Model) including tribrach
  • (1) Plastic Carrying Case + 2 keys for case and 1 set of backpack straps
  • (1) Antenna dust cap and 1 antenna (antenna is only of use if FOCUS50-OPT-SRR configuration is added)
  • (1) Lens sun shade + rain cover, adjustment tools.

***Batteries, charger kit, 360° Prism, and Cable are not included, all accessories are sold seperate 

 Part numbers for all items not included listed down below:

  • 58023002 - 360° Prism
  • 99511-40 - Batteries (x2 required)
  • 115148-00 Charger Kit 
  • 73840019- 2.5m Cable

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