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Sokkia SHC5000 Geo North America - 1010092-01

The Sokkia SHC5000 field computer is ideal for the land surveying and mapping professional operating MAGNET Field, Field Site, and Field Layout software platforms. The compact and rugged hand-held device offers a crisp display even in bright sunlight conditions. An optional 4G LTE cellular modem enables direct communication with office staff and managers through the secure MAGNET Enterprise web service – instant file transfer from active project sites.
$1,995.00 $1,795.50

Tamaya Planix 7 Digital Planimeter - 365170

Tamaya digital planimeters are excellent tools to use when measuring irregular shaped areas on plans or drawings eliminating the need for grids, charts, or calculations done by hand. The Planix 7 comes with a numeric keyboard allowing user input of scale so areas from plan or drawing can be computed. The Planix 7 is attached to wheels that allow unlimited horizontal/travel within the limits of the arm movement.