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Spectra Battery for Epoch 50, SP60 and SP80 Receivers 192670-25


Spectra Precision SP60 L1 GPS Single Receiver Kit

This Spectra Precision GNSS Receiver comes in multiple configurations please give us a call to ask more about your options.
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Ashtech Spectra Automobile External GPS Antenna & Cable 980784

$95.00 $90.00

Ashtech Spectra Battery Pack Li-Ion 3.7V-6.6AH 206402

Compatible with the Promark 120 & 220 and the Mobile Mapper 100 & 120.

Ashtech Spectra MM10, Mobile Mapper 10 USB Cable 730396

Mobile Mapper 10 USB Cable
$20.00 $18.00

Ashtech Spectra Thales External Antenna Cable 702058


Spectra Ashtech AC/DC Power Adaptor for Docking Station PM100 & PM200 111752

For Docking Station For PM100 & PM200. Includes international adapters.

Spectra Ashtech Battery Pack for ProMark 3, and Mobile Mapper 980782

Battery for ProMark3

Spectra Ashtech Kinematic Initializer Bar with Quick Release Set 800954

Kinematic Initializer Bar, Ashtech ProMark II hardware kit that enables data collection using the fast Kinematic or Stop & Go method.
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Spectra Ashtech ProFlex 800 GSM Activation 680528

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Spectra Ashtech ProFlex 800 Machine Installation Connectivity Kit 802089

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Spectra Ashtech ProFlex 800 Survey Backpack Kit 890309

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Spectra Ashtech Thales Automobile External GPS Antenna & Cable 980784

External GPS Antenna for Promark3 & MobileMapper CE Receivers
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Sokkia OAFs for GRX2- 1001855-02

Option Authorization File (OAF) is a digital product that enables positioning and tracking features available with your topcon GNSS receiver.

Spectra Ranger 5 Data Collector (non-WWAN) Worldwide Region - RG5-1-0100-00

Your customers hire you, not your equipment. You are the expert, but you know that getting the job done right requires the right tool. That tool is the Spectra Geospatial Ranger 5. This fifth-generation Ranger has a heritage that traces back to the first modern field computer for land surveyors. From the beginning, the Ranger has been designed to help you get every job done consistently, efficiently––and right. Your clients hire you because of what you can do for them. Choose Ranger 5 for what it can do for you.
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