Seco Fiberglass 5 m Rectangular Series (CR) — 0.5 cm Grad

Construction grade leveling (CR) rods offer a rectangular shape with rounded back corners for better gripping.
Fabricante: Seco
Número de pieza del fabricante: 92047
Precio antiguo: $132.25
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  • Scale width graduated to fill the entire face of the rod,
  • Measuring scale on the back side that allows for overall height readings
  • Special molded stand-off ribs protect the scales from wear
  • Made with strong fiberglass, which is waterproof and corrosion-resistant
  • CR Rod series is non-conductive
  • Perfect for laser detector mounting with no special brackets required
  • Five section rod
  • Collapsed length is 48.625 inches (1.24 m)
  • Graduations in 0.5 cm metric
  • Length 5 meters
  • Weighs 6.00 lb (2.72 kg)
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