SitePro Gammon Reel 12-ft (3.6m) Fluorescent Red Cord, Construction White/ Orange, 15-012

The original GAMMON REEL® plumb line reel designed for use in the construction field and comes with 12 feet of fluorescent red plumb line.
Fabricante: SitePro
Número de pieza del fabricante: 15-012
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  • When you reach for your plumb bob the GAMMON REEL® plumb line reel is automatically in the palm of your hand allowing for simple and fast plumb bob set-up and adjustment.
  • When your plumb bob is not in use, the 12 foot plumb line is quickly retracted in the GAMMON REEL® plumb line reel thus eliminating tangled, broken and muddy string and reducing neck burns and other plumb line accidents.
  • The fluorescent red Myler® protected target also serves as a sight.
  • Plumb bob is not included.
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