Spectra Precision Dual Battery Charger with Power Supply and Battery Inserts w/o Power Cord (101070-00-SPN)

The Dual Slot Battery Charger can be used to charge Spectra SP80/SP60 GNSS Receiver batteries. It has two battery slots allowing it to accommodate two batteries at a time. Each slot has two LED indicators, red and green, to display the battery status. It also comes with two battery spacers/inserts.
Fabricante: Spectra Precision
Número de pieza del fabricante: 101070-00-SPN
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*** Before inserting the battery ensure a spacer is inserted in each of the battery slots. Charging takes aproximately three hours. If two batteries are inserted into the charger, IT WILL NOT charge at the same time, it will charge batteries from left to right. The dual slot battery charger includes an AC/DC power supply. The power cord is NOT included. 

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