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Suunto PM-5/360 PC Clinometer

The Suunto PM-5 hand-held clinometers are used all over the world by foresters, surveyors, engineers, cartographers, geologists, miners and architects and many others to measure heights, vertical angles and slopes quickly, reliably and easily.
$189.00 $170.10

Suunto Navigator 51-MC-2D - 802442

The ultimate mirror sighting compass, the MC-2D Navigator from Suunto offers an additional sighting hole for better accuracy, adjustable declination, and a built-in clinometer. Each base plate features anti-slip rubber pads, an inch scale, a 1:24,000 miles map scale, 1:24,000 km map scale, 1:50,000 km map scale, a cm ruler, and a round magnifying lens. A detachable lanyard with a snap-lock is included as well as a luminous bezel.
$59.00 $53.10

Suunto KB-20 Compass - 802510

The Suunto KB-20 is a compact handheld compass that is used primarily for marine and professional outdoor use. The compass is lightweight, and water resistant that was also designed to float on water so you never lose it in the water. The KB-20 is known for its accuracy, as it is always accurate within 1° and has a graduation of 1° and has a reverse scale.

Suunto 51-PM5/360PC Clinometer - 802575

This Suunto clinometer can be used as a hand level, builders level, optical plummet, and a slope indicator. It measures vertical angles, computes height, determines slope angles, and levels for rough surveying jobs. The liquid inside will not freeze or evaporate.