Ushikata Tracon S-25 Surveying Compass w/ Telescope - 802635

The Ushikata Surveying Compasses are world renowned in this field of work as they have been used all over the world for years. They are used for mountain, forest, and land surveying work. Horizontal reading is available with the S-25 TRACON, and a horizontal circle is provided with a very unique "O-BAC" device for easy zero-setting.
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  • The unique "O-BAC" device for quick zero setting and horizontal circle
  • Highly sensitive magnetic needle of an alloy of magnetic steel and solid lightweight titanium is adopted.
  • The magnetic induction damper ensures quick reading for speedy and efficient surveying work.
  • The compass is designed to be damp-proof and for easy readout, and all metal parts are of high purity alloy and completely eliminates possible reading errors with the magnetic needle.
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